Chinese American Librarians Association


                                                        Midwest Chapter


The Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) started in 1973 as Mid-West Chinese American Librarians Association, a regional organization in Illinois. A year later, 1974, Chinese Librarians Association was formed in California. In 1976, Mid-West Chinese American Librarians Association was expanded to a national organization as Chinese American Librarians Association. In 1983, Chinese American Librarians Association and Chinese Librarians Association were merged and retained the name of Chinese Librarians Association.


CALA MW Chapter 14 states


The CALA Midwest Chapter (CALAMW) is the oldest Chapter in CALA and organized to best serve the interests of its members in 13 states of Midwest. Currently the MW Chapter has near a hundred members. The regular officers, elected by the chapter members are president, vice president/president elect, and treasurer. The secretary and the special committees, appointed by the incumbent president to serve the same length as the president, include those for program planning, membership, electronic publishing, nomination, public relations, special task forces and state contacts. The election usually takes place in spring of each year.